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intstix is an online test site for current projects. It'll also be used to log how they were done... In case I forget.

Officially Certified

QlikView certified System Administrator - providing Technical Support for Differentia Consulting.

QlikView is a market leading 'in-memory' Business Intelligence tool.

Bringing home the bacon...


Fawley Farms supply quality pork to Waitrose and the Co-op...

We were asked to re-write the PIC code for their feeder controller systems.

The new software has enhanced the operator experience and has greatly improved efficiency on farms across the south of England.

Currently working on a new GPS driven version...

Differentia Consulting Site

Differentia Consulting's site updated is now live.

We've built it around Wordpress, so the marketing dept can look after content; leaving me to get on with the day job.

When is a Blackfin not a tuna...

Here's a list of useful docs to get cracking with uClinux on the Blackfin 537 Stamp.

Link to listing at Farnellinone. Click the piccy.

Schematics for said board. It's a stripped down (cheaper) version of the 537EZ-LITE kit from AD.

Here's a link to the blackfin coop project. This is the start point for all things toolchain, etc. blackfin.uclinux.org

Refer to this documention before preceding with any of it. uclinux wiki

Download the files asscociated with these links and stick them somewhere on the root.

A link to and record of the current whole uClinux distribution. It's huge and most of it isn't required but it's the only way I could get it to work. uClinux distribution

A link to and record of the current standalone elf toolchain. elf toolchain

A link to and record of the current uclibc toolchain. uclibc toolchain

A link to and record of the current das uboot for the 537Stamp. das Uboot

The board, at the moment, is three shades of useless as we don't have any audio i/o. We'll use this ad73311 codec

And here's the datasheet for said codec, from the stamp add-on audio board.

Charlton All Saints village website

Gave me a chance to get hold of the codeigniter framework.

Link to Charlton Website

Is that you mother?

The AD73311 codec has its own internal differential amplifier which means we can simply hook up an old headset speaker (+ 1off 150R res) straight across pins 1&2. It might be bit rough and ready, but we've got audio and it frees up a scope probe.

diff output


Here's a grab of the connections required to get our 537 talking to the AD73311.

Link to connection diagram

A 16M384Hz VXCO is used for the MCLK. RS Part No 672-0845.

Kernel has been modified to include ALSA support for AD73311.

Don't forget to modprode snd-ad73311 AND snd-pcm-oss otherwise it won't work.

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